Why I Love Fundraising Events for a Night Out

When it comes to going out, most people’s plans involve chatting with their friends, getting hammered, and then calling in an Uber to get you back home.

Decent enough. But it can be topped.

How about you attend a useful event, and so do a good deed by simply being present? Plus, you can get hammered and take an Uber home as planned.

Indeed, a fundraising event as a night out may sound like a bit of a downer at first, but there are so many fun activities that these themed fundraising events can offer, that not attending these in favor of going on the town for a couple of drinks is just plain insanity.

In this article, we’ll talk about fundraising events and how you can have a royal time attending one of these as a means of having a fun night out. As you will see, there’s a myriad of different themed events that these fundraisers can look like, so if you get invited to one of these, chances are – you’re going to have a time of your life.

Right then, here’s the deal, folks.

Fun Fundraising Events to Partake In

Fashion Show

Speaking of dressing up and looking your best…

how about you have your attendees dress up, look their best, AND then strut about on a fashion catwalk, for good measure.

Many people will surely find this type of exposure right up their alley, so you certainly won’t have any problems finding plenty of folks willing to partake in this sort of event.

All you need to do is book an interesting venue, and you’ll see people from all walks of life willing to try their best strut walk on the runway.


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to barter for an ancient object that may have come straight from a Tomb Raider film and then place that relic you bought for millions of dollars under some special kind of protective glass that dry ice smoke comes out of when you open it?

Well, if you attend an auction-themed fundraiser, you will, well, probably not be able to find any relics worth millions.

BUT, you will find some pretty interesting stuff nevertheless, and more importantly – you’ll meet plenty of fun and cheeky people along the way.


It’s as though fashionable or non-fashionable clothes make us assume a certain new air of confidence or levity we can’t seem to muster without them.

There’s something curious about humans and dressing up.

Now, here’s an event that has your attendees dressed in ludicrous costumes and dancing around to the sounds of the music that’s accompanying them. It can be an excellent fundraising idea as folks from all walks of life like to dress up weirdly now and again. 

Singles Dating Night

… for purposes of charity and possibly repopulation of your country. Or county – depending what sort of area your allegiance lies with, so to speak.

Singles dating night can be an excellent way for single folks to meet someone new, while also contributing to the higher cause of the event itself. So, you get to find your potential new better half and be a part of something bigger. What’s not to like?

Treasure Hunt

Clump your attendees together in action groups and then pitch them against each other as they scramble on a wild goose chase to find the treasure you’ve hidden beforehand.

Everyone’s seen the Pirates of the Caribbean, so having a bunch of people willing to solve puzzles and have loads of fun along the way can be a great way to bring attention to the reason for your fundraising undertaking itself. 

Ugly Jumper Party

Everyone’s got a horror jumper they got from their nan for Christmas back in 1974, but they never dared don because the bullying would have been way too much to handle. 

Well, how about everyone whip out their ugly jumpers just this one time and wear them for your fundraising event. This way, everyone will be equally badly dressed, which will break the ice and abridge some of the awkwardness when it comes to starting up a conversation.

Sending a Message

Here’s an idea.

As a part of a fundraising event, have your attendees write a special personalized message and then stick it in a milk bottle, cork the thing, and then let them set these off so that some kid in Sweden can find it ten years later.

In case you don’t deem this option environmentally-friendly enough, then let your attendees write these messages on a piece of paper and then you can all stick it on a wall or something.

Gaming Night

If your fundraiser target audience is made up of predominantly folks under 30 or so, you can throw them a mighty gaming party complete with Xbox’s, Playstations, and PC’s, so that everyone can go for their weapon of choice, so to speak.

You can organize a mini-tournament, encourage people to play against each other, and put them in teams. If the audience is young and computer-game savvy, the event will be a success, no doubt about it whatsoever.

Golf Tournament

Last but not least, one of the most beloved upper-class sports would be golf. There’s no contact between the players, the risk of injuries is virtually non-existent, and the venues are usually beautiful spots with picturesque nature.

Perfect for fundraisers.

Fancy Dress Party

This one would be the polar opposite of the ugly jumper party.

The idea here is to make your attendees dress to the nines, and assume an air of stylishness and class for this event. This can be a great way to make your attendees feel special and important even though they are just there for a simple fundraising event.

Elaborate and glamorous themed events such as imitating the Oscars or some other important event around the world all qualify as the excuse to dress up and look your best.

The bottom line, spending a night out as a part of a fundraising event can be an excellent thing to do both because you will support the fundraising cause and because you can get drunk, dress up funny, and also try to hit a golf ball while drunk.

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