Top 7 Stunning Escapades in Europe to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020

There’s nowhere else in the world to celebrate Valentine’s Day better than Europe. The lights, the vibe, the wine, and the food—there are so many reasons why this glorious continent is undoubtedly the go-to place of lovers from across the globe.

It’s even wonderful to pop the “question” in one of the cities on this list.

To all the ladies reading this, you better bring the best dress you can find in your closet! And to you, gentlemen of the world, we hope you don’t forget to bring the ring.

However big or small the package is, there’s nothing the best carry-on can’t bring. You know, that luggage with lots of pockets in it? Secure the box in one of them and off to Europe you go!

Here are seven romantic escapades where you can celebrate Valentine’s Day this 2020:

1. Venice, Italy

One of the most romantic activities that you can do this Valentine’s Day is to take a gondola ride along the enchanting river of Venice. You can even have a candlelit dinner on the ride itself.

If you have the money to splurge, arrange a private gondola ride. But if you’re on a tight budget and still want to experience it anyway, a shared ride isn’t that bad at all as long as you’re sitting right next to the love of your life.

It’s totally going to be one of the most memorable experiences you can have with your special someone.

2. Paris, France

Of course, the City of Love!

This list would not be complete without Paris, France. It’s one of the most romantic places on Earth, if not the most romantic. It may sound a bit of a cliche but Paris really knows how to capture the essence of romance in a way only this city can do.

There are tons of things that you can do here. There are 99 Michelin-starred restaurants across the city that you can choose from for a fancy dinner date. You can also take the Seine Champagne River Cruise for a different view of the city, and then you can end the night by climbing up the Eiffel Tower for a 4-course meal.

There’s also the Louvre for some art appreciation or the Champs-Elysees for a great photo opportunity as a souvenir for the trip. You’d probably say Je T’aime every minute of this trip!

3. Santorini, Greece

Santorini has instantly become one of the top destinations in Greece, thanks to Pinterest for showing us magical photos of this beautiful place. Santorini is now even considered to the fastest growing wedding destination in the world and there’s no need to ask why.

How can one not pay attention to this stunning clifftop views? The famous dramatic views from Oia Town overlooking the south Aegean Sea is a sight we cannot miss. Add to that the spectacular sunset that can easily take your breath away.

Now, don’t let the idea of an active volcano perched in the middle of the town you’re exploring scare you away. The caldera, though active, hasn’t been awake for the last 70 years.

You can take a 40-minute flight from Athens to Santorini or you can also take an 8-hour boat ride across the sea.

4. Bern, Switzerland

The snow-capped mountains and the old town charm of Bern, Switzerland is without a doubt a romantic place to escape to with a special person beside you.

It’s one of the most picturesque towns in Europe, and to top it all off, it is not as crowded as the others on this list. You may take this time to slow down and appreciate the architecture around the city, which was dubbed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Swiss wines must also be on your list. Share a bottle or two with your partner and taste some more as there are many varieties that you can choose from. You’re on holiday with your significant other, what’s there to worry about?

If you’re a bit of a history buff, Bern is also the hometown of Albert Einstein. He has a historical museum in town that you can check out. You can even visit the apartment he shared with his wife and son during their time in Switzerland.

5. Budapest, Hungary

This gothic-looking city in Hungary is the most populous in this country, and the most romantic one, too! If you have a thing for all things medieval, Budapest has everything for you, from castles to churches to gothic buildings lit up with gaze-worthy lights at night.

For the best view of the city, we suggest taking the cruise along the River Danube and be in awe of how beautiful and charming Budapest can be whatever time of the day it is.

Now, if you’re here for the proposal you’ve been waiting for, the Matthias Church with its beautiful stained-glass windows could be the perfect spot.

6. London, United Kingdom

If you have no idea what to do or what to see, you can go to London in the United Kingdom and you surely won’t run out of romantic things to do.

Also with a great lineup of Michelin-starred restaurants all over the city, London has something for everyone’s palate wherever they are in the city. And they all look fancy, too especially for formal dinners and a romantic candlelit proposal!

London also has a wide array of luxury hotels that you can choose from to pamper your special someone on this special day.

Whatever it is you want, be it a romantic walk at the park, take a ride at the London Eye, or just take amazing photos at every bridge you see, this city will never fail to sweep you off your feet see the best of London’s hidden gems.

7. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is usually flocked by lovers during the love month, and we can obviously see why.

Its art and music scene is to die for especially for those who know how to appreciate such magnificence, not to mention the coffee and their Sacher torte ‒ the most luxurious piece of chocolate cake in the world.

To top it all off, there’s nothing more romantic than a horse-drawn carriage ride along cobblestones as if you are in a real fairy tale.

Europe has the best spots for all types of romantic. All you need to do is follow what your heart tells you, and pick the city that resonates most to you and your significant other.






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