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Get Your Hiring Process Ready for Gen Z

Gen Z are entering the workforce, and they are not shy about their likes and dislikes. Compared to their predecessors, Millennials, they are much more confident in their abilities, and they know what they want.

This generation are digital natives, who are comfortable with using all kinds of technology and are used to getting things done fast thanks to there being an app for everything.

What does this mean for employers? How can you tweak your recruitment process to cater to this shrewd and pragmatic generation? Here are some tips.

Gen Z Workforce: What Are They Like?

This generation is just entering the job market, so it’s hard to pinpoint their traits as employees. However, we already know what they appreciate in a job and how you can cater to them. Compared to their predecessors, they are much more pragmatic and money-minded. As many as 70% of them say salary is their main motivator.

However, Gen Z are much more likely than previous generations to look for purposeful work. They want to enjoy what they’re doing, and repetitive tasks will bore them easily. Gen Z would likely thrive in positions that involve a variety of tasks.

They also appreciate diversity more than other generations and are more likely not to accept a job offer based on the lack of diversity.

As digital natives, they appreciate technology and expect to get work laptops or other equipment from their employers. They crave flexibility even more than Millennials and enjoy working remotely.

While this generation is more demanding than their predecessors, they are not slackers. As many as 76% of them say they are the ones responsible for their own career growth. With Gen Z, you can get hard-working, practical, and motivated employees, but you have to invest in them as much as they invest in your business, which is only fair.

Moreover, you need to have an amazing recruitment process that will draw them in and seal the deal.

Make Application Process Mobile-Friendly

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As many as 98% of Gen Z own a smartphone, and they spend hours on it each day. They are much more likely than previous generations to use their mobile devices for everything, from shopping to searching for jobs. That’s why it’s important to make the application process mobile-friendly.

You can do that by posting on various online job boards that are optimized for mobile use. This way, people can easily apply from anywhere. They won’t have to turn on their PC or laptop to send an application and upload the necessary documents.

Since people belonging to this generation are used to doing quick online research on anything, they are also quite likely to research you before they apply. If you want them to like you, make sure your website is mobile-friendly too and take care of your online reviews.

Since they spend so much time on their phones, “Zees” prefer texting over other communication methods. So apart from using emails as a way of reaching out to them, you can also text them. In essence, whatever part of the process you can make available on a smartphone, make it available!

A Lengthy Hiring Process Won’t Do

Having to go through several stages in the recruitment process and wait forever to learn if they’re moving on to the next one simply won’t cut it for Zees. They appreciate efficiency in the hiring process so that they know how to proceed. If they have to wait for weeks to hear from you, they’ll move on to the next thing without batting an eye.

As digital natives, these young people are used to instant gratification and generally getting things done fast. Making them wait is not a smart thing to do.

What’s more, keep the paperwork and application questions at a minimum. If they have to jump through hoops to finish their application process, they are most likely to give up.

When they get to the interview, you want to make them feel at ease and show them that your company is worth their consideration. They’ll appreciate a more personal, cordial tone without any unnecessary formalities. However, they also want you to be upfront about your expectations and most importantly, the salary, as a great salary is one of the most important things they look for in a job.

Streamline Onboarding

As we’ve said, Gen Z are all about pragmatism and getting things done as efficiently as possible. Just like the hiring process, you want your onboarding process to be as straightforward and effective as possible.

Since young workers are extremely tech-savvy, you can use technology to streamline the experience. It’s a great idea to use employee bots, which can help new hires every step of the way and are available all the time.

These bots can answer any questions, collect documents required by HR, and much more. The bot can also take care of the IT onboarding part by creating various accounts for recruits, providing information and training, etc.

Independent Gen Z will love this self-service option, and it also allows them to ask anything without worrying about the question being “stupid.”

You may also use video conferencing tools for new recruits’ training and other processes. If the position is remote, why would you make them come to the office for training if they can go through it online from the comfort of their homes?

Use Employee Ambassador Programs

Unlike Millennials, 60% of Gen Z say referrals are their favorite job-search sources. While job boards and college career centers are still essential, they’d much rather get a personal recommendation from someone they know and trust.

Apart from investing in postings on job boards and nurturing relationships with colleges and universities, you should also build employee ambassador programs. Encourage your employees to spread a positive word about the company and strengthen the brand image. They could post what they like about working at your company on social media and invite friends to apply when there are open positions.

LinkedIn is an ideal social media network for letting employees publicize your brand in an authentic way that isn’t forced. When young workers see their praise is genuine, they will want to work there too.

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