The Concept of Beauty in Different Cultures

The Concept of Beauty in Different Cultures

Contrary to what a lot of people probably think, the adjective ‘beautiful’ holds more meaning to it than you can possibly imagine. Apart from the physical aspect of beauty, which means being beautiful on the outside, it can also mean that you have a beautiful soul, a beautiful smile, or a beautiful character.

However, what the majority of people don’t realize is that you can be beautiful in one country and not even the slightest bit attractive in another. If you want to learn how that’s possible, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here’s how the concept of beauty differs throughout different countries and cultures, so check it out!

Iran – showing off nose jobs

Yes, we can all agree that nose jobs (and plastic surgery in general) are quite common in the United States, but did you know that Iran has recently become the rhinoplasty capital of the world? That’s right, and there’s a good reason for that. As Iranian women’s bodies and hair are covered by a hijab, it makes little sense to spend too much money on clothes, right? Well, that’s exactly why these ladies love to spend their money to enhance what other people actually can see – their noses. In fact, women in Iran are so proud of their nose jobs that they continue to wear the bandages long after they’re needed, just to show off their beauty. On the other hand, some women just purchase surgical tape to wear even if they haven’t undergone the procedure, which is a completely new level of showing off.

Australia – cosmetic surgery on the rise

Speaking of cosmetic surgery and various procedures, we must say that these definitely are on the rise – especially among Australian women. As for cosmetic surgery trends in Australia, there are minimally invasive techniques such as lasers, Botox, micro needling, tissue fillers, and similar ones, which are gaining momentum these days. As you can see, the general trend is moving away from invasive surgery these days, but there are still some procedures that have remained popular over the years. The first one is butt lift surgery or the Brazilian butt lift, which is loved by both women and men in Australia. There are also chin surgeries, facelifts, and neck lift surgeries, which are quite popular, as well as breast augmentation and body lifts demanded by a large number of Australian women and men.

Korea – avoiding the sun at all costs

Women in many Asian countries avoid the sun at all costs simply because pale skin is the ultimate sign of beauty and desirability. Contrary to Western culture, where ladies are keen to get a tan during the summer, tan is the least popular color – especially in Korea. This is why a lot of women can be spotted wearing hats with abnormally large visors that can protect their entire faces from the sun.  Apart from covering their faces, Korean women cover their bodies from head to toe, too – even in the hottest months, in order to keep their skin from tanning. Skin-whitening creams are also a major hit in this country, and women tend to spend a great deal of money on such skincare products that can result in an even paler complexion.

Myanmar – visually elongated necks as the ultimate symbol of beauty

If you’ve ever stumbled upon some photos of Karen women in parts of Myanmar and Thailand who wear heavy brass rings around their necks, you’ve probably thought that this is true torture for those women, right? That’s exactly what a lot of people would think, but guess what? This is just a myth, as the brass rings create just a visual illusion, making the woman’s neck simply appear longer. In fact, the women of the ‘long-neck’ or ‘giraffe’ tribe wear rings whose weight pushes down the collarbone to an angle, so that it appears to be a part of the neck. It’s said that the rings can weigh up to 25 pounds, and such a look makes women more attractive as it’s a sign of beauty and wealth.

As you can tell, the concept of beauty differs a lot from one country to another, which is completely reasonable and logical due to the different cultures and values people live by. One thing is certain – every woman in the world is beautiful in her own way and no one can take that away from her!

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