Nalgene vs Hydro Flask

There is no need for me to tell you the value in staying hydrated. But if you need suggestions on which reusable water bottle to buy, that is something I can help you with. Chances are you are wondering whether you should get a plastic or stainless steel bottle. The short answer is: it depends

Hydro Flask vs Simple Modern

Nature lovers and backcountry explorers have been using reusable bottles ever since the 1950s. However, in the last few decades, many outdoor enthusiasts have stopped using plastic water bottles and decided to use stainless steel ones instead.  While these double-walled, vacuum-insulated flasks certainly cost more than their simple plastic cousins, they’re definitely well worth the

Yeti vs Hydro Flask

The two biggest brands for stainless-steel insulated flask are Hydro Flask and Yeti. Most people have these companies in mind when someone mentions a stainless steel bottle.  Vaccum-insulated, stainless steel bottles have come a long way. It’s pretty safe to say that these products have exploded in popularity - the market is now saturated with

CamelBak vs Hydro Flask

The days of simple, plastic water bottles are long gone - the quality of insulated, stainless steel bottles has taken a big step forward and the market for these products has exploded in recent years. This type of well-designed, BPA-free drinkware is the new norm, and dozens of brands are racing to make the best