Can Coaching Help Me Travel the World?

In a time filled with uncertainties and a demanding lifestyle, people are rediscovering their purpose in life and how they see fit to pursue it. Travel has always been a favorite way to inject new meaning into the mundane, and to find ourselves. The desire to travel has been further popularised thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and the wide array of affordable travel options.

However, beyond the filtered photos and wide grins lay a forgotten reminder that travel is about more than just visiting a new country. Traveling can be a life-changing experience, but you may be stopped short of ever starting because of your uncertainties. To travel is to embrace fear because we can’t always control what happens to us when embarking on a trip.

A means of overcoming hurdles that prevent you from traveling the world is by seeking professional advice or coaching. Travel coaches assess one’s purpose for travel and the personal goals the individual strives to achieve through the endeavor.

Remember, not everyone dares to travel, but coaching can give you the confidence and boldness to explore the world. We’ve selected some topics to help you decide whether having a coach will get you moving as a globetrotter.

How Can Coaching Help Me?

Coaching is helpful for anyone. If you find yourself living life unmotivated or looking for the next big change, then it might be time to seek the guidance of a professional coach. Life makes us all part of an ever-changing process and it can act as a dizzying maze amidst all of life’s distractions.

Professional coaches parse out the distractions during the transition process of change while addressing the steps you’ll need to achieve your desired goals. While it’s nice to hear genuine advice from our closest friends and family, coaches are specially trained and have the professional expertise to help you move forward.

The complexities of a person’s desire to travel have helped popularise travel coaching because frankly, traveling isn’t always straightforward. Coaching can, however, get you out of a rut, filter your negative thoughts, and improve your wellbeing through travel.

What Makes Travel Scary?

Imagine finding yourself lost in a town where no local can understand your language or suddenly finding yourself mugged. Those situations are scary enough in your home country, but it can be terrifying to experience it during a trip where unfamiliarity surrounds you.

The comforting reality is that everybody has travel fears no matter if they’re a seasoned traveler or a first-timer. Truth is, anyone who’s about to put themselves in unknown territory – as you do when traveling – will have reluctance and that’s normal.

Travel can also be scary when you have plenty of financial responsibilities or even as a family member. The risks of overspending during a trip or worry from leaving behind your children for a couple of days are all too real possibilities that hamper the decision to travel. Luckily, coaches can discuss these travel doubts and find a solution so you can see more of the world without all the negative thoughts.

What Can Traveling Do for Me?

Once you strip away the aesthetic element of traveling, it won’t be hard to see how much becoming a tourist can benefit you. Traveling requires confidence and in return, it will give you more confidence. Uncovering abilities that you never knew existed is a nice surprise after you’ve successfully ordered a meal using the local language or succeeded in negotiating for a new bag. Travel challenges you in the smallest of ways and exploring the world is a profound way of learning life’s little lessons.

Outside of the personal benefits, traveling can also be advantageous for your career. The process of traveling sharpens career skills in research and planning, time management, and adaptability. On the other hand, if the drive to travel is a result of an eagerness to pursue a personal passion then you’re in luck because traveling and social media have created a new career: travel Influencers. This trending job title can even command up to $31,000 per post making it the cherry on top of the sundae (i.e. frequent travels).

How Can Coaching Motivate Me to Travel?

Speaking to a certified coach can drive you to progress in your personal growth since the process involves unraveling who you are. Reluctance to travel can be linked to various factors such as anxiety, lack of self-compassion, and poor stress management. Coaching is an opportunity for you to express any concerns as well as optimism while at the same time having seasoned professionals assist you in navigating through your apprehensions and hopes.

Each coaching expert has individualized techniques to transform any form of negativity, such as a holistic approach or mindfulness practices and cognitive-behavioral therapy. By recognizing your fears and realigning it, coaching can improve your overall wellbeing and eventually push you out of the cocoon that’s been holding you back. After all, the core of coaching is to ‘empower the client to take charge of their life’. In doing so, you may end up as more than a world traveler, but you may become the best version of you possible.

Should I Go Ahead and Hire a Coach?

If re-energizing your life or finding purpose is important to you, coaching may be a good start in identifying a solution. Having a coach offers multifaceted advantages and gives you the chance to declutter your thoughts to perform better in life.

With the immense stresses and pressures of everyday life, coaching provides the platform for anyone to step back and reassess their path in life. This ability to generate new perspectives works in the same way that makes travel beneficial for our personal development while shedding light on what is meaningful.

Hiring a coach may at first be to uncover your purpose to travel the world, but upon undergoing the entire process, you might come to realize that it was never about the destination, it’s about the journey.






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