5 Ways of Expressing Gratitude That Will Change Your Life

5 Ways of Expressing Gratitude That Will Change Your Life

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If we take a moment to stop and ponder on all the showers of blessings that each of us have been receiving since the time you were born, you are bound to agree with the fact that you do have a lot to be thankful for.

Keeping aside all those times filled with work and family related stress, the pain of failed relationships and moments that left you shattered, there were others that came your way and left you with some of the most amazing memories, those to cherish for a lifetime. Those that have made you jump and squeal with happiness, given you love that made you dance with joy and there even came moments of tearful happiness.

Many of us have been blessed in many ways that allow us to lead most fanciful lifestyles full of a number of conveniences. We live in comfortable homes, wear nice clothes, and also have reliable transportation. We have no shortage of clean water or healthy food. We have access to quality healthcare and education and basically live a good life with a lot of freedom, safety and security. Most us take these blessings for granted and sometimes may develop the bad habit of focusing of what we don’t have, not realising that there are so many others around us who have to live, without even the basic necessities of life being fulfilled.

 The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude

1. It is most important to remember that the power of gratitude has the ability to open the floodgates and unleash and infinite, unlimited flow of abundance, wellness and happiness into each and every aspect of our lives.

2. It is the deeply felt, emotionally charged and consistently expressed sentiments of gratitude that serve as the catalyst for profound, seemingly magical and what’s often referred to as miraculous transformations in one’s life.

3. Each one us has the ability to harness this power of gratitude and use it consciously and consistently which will help attract the Abundance and Happiness that we all desire, aspire toward and without exception deserve to experience in this magnificent gift of dear life.

Walk the Path of Gratitude Each Day

Just the way you take out time to go for your dance lessons or to go shopping to grab a latte, dedicating some time to develop a thriving attitude of gratitude can help you live life in the exuberance it has to offer.

1. Gratitude Journal

Consciously dedicate a few minutes of your day to pen down 5 things you are grateful for in a journal dedicated purely to gratitude. It could be anything, from simply being thankful for waking up in this morning in a cozy bed or that you got to work on time. Think of simple things like who inspired me today or what gave me most happiness today. Take our time to feel how incredibly blessed you are and allow that to sail towards greatness for the rest of the day.

2. Take a Walk of Gratitude

Particularly when you are feeling down or stressed out spending your time amidst nature could leave with some of the most profound experiences ever. Take a moment to stop and breathe the air that is constantly filling your lungs making this life possible. Think of the other things that you are grateful for, nurturing relationships, material comforts, the body that allows you to experience the world, the mind that allows you to understand yourself completely, and your essential innate spiritual nature. Pay attention to your senses and allow yourself to experience this powerful way to shift your mood and open yourself to the flow of overall wellbeing and abundance that always surrounds you.

3. Send Out Thank You Notes

Send Out Thank You Notes

Send out little notes to at least 5 people who you feel, have inspired you and impacted your life in some profound way. Pick one and write a thank you letter expressing your heartfelt gratitude for all the gifts you have received from that person. If possible, try and deliver your gratitude notes in person.

You can go a step further and make a handmade gift to go along with the note. Since Easter is around the corner, check out our top DIY Easter basket ideas.

4. Don’t Complain 

Set a new pattern by going an entire day without complaining about a single thing. Find one good thing among a dozen negative things and allow yourself to feel motivated, inspired and transformed with your new attitude.

5. Give Genuine Compliments

Share kindness and authentic praise with a friend or a stranger, which is sure to help you not only spread love and motivation to another person, it uplifts you and pushes you to focus on the good about someone else and even builds strong, valuable relationships leaving you satisfied with a different sense of inner achievement. Eventually, you are will be sure to ultimately allow you to continue to say thank you each day.

Bottom line

These may seem like easy or banal tips, but actually, if you start practising them daily, you will experience an enormous transformation. For more tips on how to experience abundance, read “Embrace an Attitude of Wealth”. Keep at it and don’t forget to share your progress with us in the comments below!

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