The Best Sun Holiday Destinations for January

Some people love the winter time, the romantic feeling they get by the fireplace while glancing at the snowflakes falling. I’m not one of those people; I always prefer relaxing at the beach with the good old sun warming me up. If you are like me, a sun seeker that wants to escape the winter’s […]

The Top Five Camino de Santiago Routes

The Way of St. James has about a dozen or so routes stemming from different parts of Europe. With more than one route to choose from, first-time pilgrims often ask themselves which way they should go and if it would really matter that they went the French Way instead of the Portuguese Way. After all, […]

10 Best Family Holidays in Spain

Family holidays should be all about relaxation, enjoying time with your family, and spending time doing things you enjoy. Unfortunately, with all the options out there, sometimes the stress of planning the trip can be enough to make you want to cancel it. Not to fear, we have rounded up the top ten best resorts […]

What to See and Do in Pamplona Spain

Pamplona is famous for an event known to locals Encierro or “The Running of the Bulls,” but this shouldn’t be your only reason for wanting to visit. A short walk through its old medieval town can bring you to your senses and give you plenty of reasons to travel to this side of Spain. History […]