Merrell vs Keen Hiking Shoes

With a plethora of factors contributing to the ultimate decision, choosing the right hiking shoe is all but an easy task.  However, if you’re serious about your outdoor adventures, bear in mind that this is one of the most important decisions you can make - having the right pair of hiking shoes can make all

Swig Savvy vs Hydro Flask

Combining the best features of steel thermoses and sports flasks, insulated bottles are a tremendously versatile, practical, and eco-friendly option for both everyday life and backcountry escapades. Take yours on a wintertime trekking trip or to the beach, or even to the office - and it will be a fantastic companion that will allow you

Hydro Flask vs Fifty/Fifty

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and love to explore the backcountry, you know everything about the importance of hydration. You also know that easy access to water is something you simply can’t count on when you’re deep in the wilderness. And that’s precisely where stainless steel water bottles come in.  Durable, easy to use, and